Wednesday, September 28, 2011

back...& GRE free

back from my marathon road trip to wichita falls.
the trip included:

-a forced session of barbara mandrell (okay, it was just one song) & wishing my sister was there so we could give my mom an eye roll in unison
-playing "plus & minus" with my aunt - the hotel was a best western "PLUS!" & we appointed ourselves the judges of whether it was truly a "PLUS!" (was probably just a "plus.", but you know, we didn't complain)
-talking politics, religion, & books with my uncle & suddenly realizing his (completely legal!) handgun was sitting on the table the whole time.  i feel like i should add it was NOT loaded & i'm not even sure there was ammo in the room.  i feel i should also add this is a totally normal phenomenon in my west texas family (right, uncle rick?).  i will also say he recommends you read same kind of different as me
-seeing lots of family members i barely remember & also getting to meet the flower girl from my parents' wedding.  i always loved looking @ the picture of her, thinking she was so lucky to get to wear that pretty white dress :)  the funny thing was, i thought she looked just the same!  like i would have picked her out in a crowd.
-crying lots of tears.  why is it so easy to forget what a miracle life is?  also, why is it that life can be so d*mn hard sometimes?
-a chance stopping with my mom in hamilton, tx @ the farm of her grandparents, the place i've heard about all of my life.  i half expected her "mo-mo" to come out the front door & tell us to come inside for iced tea {sweetened with a shot of dr. pepper!}, maybe even see little dark haired "debbie" poke her head out of the root cellar.  the whole experience left me thinking about how tiny our story is, how quickly it's all going.  how things that seems so real now, will soon feel like apparitions, like something someone made up. 
-eatting one of my top 10 best meals ever.  we stopped @ literally the first little restaurant we saw, knowing in austin it's hard to have a bad meal.  oh, we were so right - from the shared filet minon to the gourmet mac & cheese, we couldn't stop talking about how good was every-single-bite?!!  one of the meals to go down in the books.  i'd recommend the place to you, but didn't ever really catch the name & i'm not even sure where it was!  i half wondered if it was an apparition, too.
i was glad to finally get home, to get back to my little family, to my little corner of the world.  the little corner where we have about 2 wks left to pack & start a new journey of our life.  so crazy.  and in case you're wondering, i made it through the GRE!  i did well enough not to have to take it again & actually much better than i thought i would.  i am so thankful to be over with that one!  THANKS to all of the sweet msgs, texts, & calls i got - i felt so loved on friday :)  sorry i'm quite behind in getting back to you!

happy wednesday to everyone...


blue corduroy said...

wow, what a weekend. don't you just love family? even when they're crazy?

thanks so much for introducing yourself. I'm always happy to meet a new friend!

Anonymous said...

Love your blog today, cried all over again. It was a fast trip but I would do it all over again. So enjoyed our time and funny but i don't remember the Barbara song, now Linda I DO remember! Ha Kel, I was determined to get the name of restaurant and totally forgot but it was on Kerby just off 34th street. Like second or third business off 34th. down from the pizza place and next to that childrens shop. Bella something! for sure going back so will get name then! Best meal ever!
Love you, Mom

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