Friday, September 23, 2011

today's the day

to take the GRE.
after a last minute change, i'm taking the test today @ 12.
& boy, am i ready :)

then i'm off to be with family.  we've had a death in our extended family leaving a cousin barely pregnant & without her mom.
my heart is broken for her & i'm holding onto the truth that life really IS so very short.  just being alive truly is a miraculous gift so easily taken for granted.

so here's to another weekend, another breath, more time to live this glorious gift of life.

in other news: as a quick, study food binge, i made this peach mango salsa.  it'd be a great way to celebrate life this weekend :)

1 comment:

mere said...

it's 1:00 and i am reading this...i guess you are in the GRE...i know you will ROCK it!!! saying a prayer for you!! xoxo
ps so sorry to hear about the death but thankful you guys can go and be with your family...some of our sweetest (and only) time spent with extended family is at funerals.

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