Wednesday, September 7, 2011

play kitchen!

last christmas clint made hudson & holland a play kitchen for christmas.
this is the 2011 edition for Harp Design Co!
100% recycled wood & oh so fun.
my kids have love-love-loved playing with their kitchen.  our friends' kids love playing with the kitchen.  it gets a lot of love :)

top 5 things i like about this play kitchen...
1.  i love that it's real wood & will be around one day for our grandkids.
2.  i love that it looks like a cute piece of furniture in our living room (instead of ANOTHER freakin' toy).
3.  i love that kids of all ages love playing with it, which makes it a super christmas gift for multiple kiddos (OR a grandparent gift to stay for play @ the grandparents' house).
4.  all of the knobs & handles actually turn, which is super important when you're 4.
5.  the kitchen has tons of storage space. from experience i can tell you it takes about 3.5 seconds to chuck all of the food toys behind that curtain:  insta-clean.

***kitchens on our site here.

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