Thursday, September 8, 2011

halloween thoughts

today is september 8th!
i'm so excited about fall.  the high is 94 today & i can hardly believe it.  i think i can call that a "cool snap" since it's 10 degrees cooler than it has been around here lately.  how can that even be?
anyway, with the coooooler weather & all, i've been thinking about halloween.  i'm not sure what we'll do this year for hudson's costume.  i think we all remember last year, don't we?
oh, you forgot?
well here's a small reminder...
yeah.  awesome.  i'm sure i don't have to tell you that i haven't made hudson a halloween costume this year.  i'm not really looking to add to the list of costumes he mysteriously hates. 
the other day he said he wanted to be a duck this year.
a few days later he said maybe a super hero.
i think we'll be throwing something together the week of. 
& that's fine by me. 
really it is. 
yep, mmhmm. 
i'm fine. 
i'm learning to be laid back (ha!).
but i did have to laugh the other day when hudson & sis put their cowboy hats & ran around the house with the stick horse.
oh reallllly????  so you DO like cowboys???!!!  hmmmmmm :)


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