Friday, September 2, 2011

what we've been up to {besides the puke}...

pictures.  lots & lots of pictures. 
(this before the puking, of course.)
we've done a few photo shoots lately.  clint takes most of the pics & i guess that makes me the "assistant", but i'd rather call myself the stylist :)  frequently we have little guests who join in the craziness fun.
working @ home with little ones is quite the challenge.  that's something i'll have to post about soon. 
so these are 2 of our new products coming soon...  both 100% recycled wood!  woohooooo!!!
i'll post more pics next week... 
*they're both on the site if you can't wait. 

ps:  don't forget about the giveaway!


em said...

Checked out the kitchen and bed--love them! hope you all are well! much love!

mere said...

love the bed and bedding. so sad to hear about the you know that is my worst nightmare. :) love the R&J shirts too!

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