Tuesday, October 25, 2011

working is hard work.

oh yes it is.

i've been working @ my mom's shop (yep, she just bought it!) The Funky Frog here in kerrville.  she's working like a crazy woman & i'm trying to keep up: organizing, cleaning out, freshening...  whew!  it's been so, so fun, but serious work, peeps! 

so here are bits of wisdom i've learned in my 2 wks in the hill country...

1.  working is hard work.
2.  small town people really are nicer. 
3.  donut shops are the new starbucks (cheap!).
4.  living 15 miles out of town really cuts down on last minute ice cream runs.
5.  living without a target really is possible.  (actually it's the joann's i miss most!)

happy day from the hill country.  we'll actually be making a run to wacky waco for a few days.  checking on some grad student housing options.  gotta be close to pizza & beer.  bah hahahahhaa!  i don't even like beer.  

**this post was for yesterday, but i couldn't get my phone to cooperate.  we're back in kville now with more about our waco trip to come...


Anonymous said...

So excited for you and the new chapter of life the Harp family is embarking on!

kelly said...

thanks, c! oh, & YES on the sales rep thing - maybe the first of the year?? also, might need some tips from the expert on going back to grad school :)

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