Friday, October 28, 2011

falling off the face of the earth...

i sort of feel like i have.
my days are spent either
A.  working @ my mom's store
B.  running after little tykes
C.  packing for our big trip (did i not tell you about that??!)

today is option A...
working on my mom's facebook page.
i WILL be back here @ some point.  promise!
PS:  it's finally cooler around here - yipppeeeee!!!  i love scarf weather (AND pumpkin lattes!)


LuLiTa said...


Elena said...

Well, we've missed you!
Thanks for the quick update on what you guys are doing (how fun to be working in your Mom's shop--it looks so cute!). Love you guys!

kelly said...

oh yes C. is almost here!
hi E! sorry i've been so MIA!!! it IS fun to work in the shop! you would really like it :)

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