Saturday, November 5, 2011

open email

*i was just about to push "send" on this email to jen when i thought to just post it here.  you know, just so you know i'm still alive & everything.  i am.  mostly.  :)  also, so you can keep up with the fascinating details of my fascinating life.

saturday night & i'm on a hot date with the computer.

it's awesome.

poor clint - he's tried to talk to me about 5 times, but i just keep mumbling something inaudible back. poor guy. anyway, do you still read kendi's blog? i was RIGHT! she did live in kerrville! did you see that she moved to mckinney & opened a clothes shop??! i'm thinking it should be a definite stop on the jen & kelly hangout weekend.
breadwinners will be also.
& you know we'll end up @ target. probably for m&ms.

oh, also i got a hat @ JCPenney's today, which i really wanted to just call "Penney's" because then i'd really sound like a local. I THINK it's cute. it's either cute & fun, or just all wrong. we can always hope can't we? you can let me know when I post pics of our trip.


Jen Haney said...

I love getting personal emails on your blog. Keep them coming. :) I forgot about kendi!! I need to read it and get some winter fashion ideas. Oh and I do think locals just call it "penny's." They drop the J.C. It's just how they roll. When is the Jen/Kelly hang out weekend? I must know!!!! I haven't seen you since May in Tyler and that is just embarrassing. We call ourselves friends. Friends don't let friends never see each other. :)
Ps: mere- come hang too...and Darrah- you too!! I miss Y'all!!

mere said...

ok so i want a hang out weekend!? please!! before i am TRAPPED at my house for months on end with two infants and a toddler and a preschooler. we could all meet in waco? do let me know when this will be. love to you all! kelly- when is our phone date?!

kelly said...

YES! let's do one! this is FAR off, but i was thinking we should plan a big weekend next september - maybe here in the hill country??! IF you can get away, mere :)
YES, we DO need a phone date!!

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