Sunday, April 27, 2008

ice cream cures all woes

so sundays usually go this way - we wake up early, we drive all the way to church, we enjoy, we sometimes eat with friends, but we ALWAYS come home & take a looooong nap. we always do this - all three of us. well, today someone didn't conform to this long held harp family tradition. and i'm betting you can guess who that was! one of the most horrible things i can think of is when you're so tired & wanting a nap & you suddenly hear the whining start over the monitor - ahhhhhhh! it's awful! anyway, little harp wasn't into the nap today, so finally after much whining & grumpiness on my part, i declared that if i had to get up & get him, we were going to go get ice cream!
so ben & jerry's it was. it was our first time to visit here. we used to frequent one when we lived in florida, & i'm not really sure why it took us so long to get there this time! i LOVE the chocolate & peanutbutter - i sample other things, but i always know in my heart i'll go back to my beloved :) i know that's dramatic, but i seriously love it - jen can understand! clint always gets random things (which is so funny b/c we totally switch roles when it comes to food in restaurants) & this time he enjoyed cinnamon roll. it was quite good, & as you can see, little harp thought so too!!! we didn't plan for this to be his first venture into the land of sweets - i just looked over, & he was head first into clint's cone! clint just let him have it, & he was a happy little guy. we laughed so hard @ the seriousness he brought to sampling his first ice cream. it's fitting for his personality, really. he's fun loving & sweet, but definitely has an observant, serious side.
it was all fun & games until we went to get in the car & he had to get in sans ice cream cone. he literally threw a fit!!!!! it was really funny. he was kicking & crying. whoa, if that doesn't tell you something about what sugar does to us...! too bad i won't heed that warning & quit ben & jerry's - it's just too good :)
happy sunday to you!

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Christy said...

ice cream can fix any bad mood - always!!! so cute and so fun that hudson had his first experience. jayden had whipped cream and ice cream around christmas time - it just happened :) i am sorry that huddy is sick again. that has to be frusturating - especially when they don't feel good. have a good monday!

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