Thursday, May 29, 2008

baby fav

so we try to do as many natural/organic stuff as we can with hud, but as we all know this can get quite expensive! that's why this is one of my fav baby things.

i think i'm going to start a new series called "baby favs" because i love getting real-life-tested ideas & thoughts for parenting/kids. if you aren't currently in that phase of life, this might be a little boring, or maybe you'll get an idea for a shower gift! do tell me if you have fav baby stuff, or good advice, or if you try something i suggest & like it! OR if you get inspired & write your own baby favs post!

so, back to the burt's bees. i love this baby bee bar soap! it's so much less expensive than buying organic/natural liquid soap, & it lasts for a long time. i think we're on about the 2nd month with ours, & i'm guessing it'll last for at least another month! great deal! we also use it on his head, though he has so little hair, i couldn't say how it would do for a kid w/ acutal hair! i think it would work.

and so finally a pic of hud in the bath, eating the soap holder! happy thursday!


Kelli said...

Love the idea of a baby favs series. I want more! I'm always looking for new ideas/products to try.

Christy said...

love the sweet pic of huddy! my favorite washing product is Johnson & Johnson Natural Care Wash. I don't think it is organic - but i love the smell and the lotion too - it doesn't dry his skin out either. i think it is great!

Sally Grantham said...

Hey - It is Sally (Payne) Grantham. Suzanne or Amanda had sent me your blog from a while back. I recently blogged on 2 of my favorites that I wanted to share - the tabletoppers ( that you can take to restaurants so your child can eat all their finger food with out the table germs. A must for us. My other favorite is something you could totally do - it is from It is a high chair/stroller cover. It is so great because unlike the store ones it covers the sides which are just as full of germs as the front and back. It also has a loop where you can hook a toy. I hope you are doing well!

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