Wednesday, May 28, 2008

semisweet perfection

darn nestle's chocolate! i love this stuff. i think i like semisweet better than milk chocolate - if we're just talking about munching type chocolate (as opposed to a chocolate dessert, or something); not quite so much sugar & also a very slight bitter bite. fab.

i guess i'm easy to please.

one thing about these little buggers, though. they don't mix well with sewing. i've been known to have to redo a project b/c i got just the teeniest bit of chocolate on it - ooops!

have you ever tried making regular sugar cookies & putting these in them? also fab. this is a trick we learned from the ever fabulous mrs. elliott. she also makes a really nice chocolate pecan pie. i'm sure nestle's semisweets are involved.

if you're thinking this post is really random, you're right. but i needed to post & this was what came out.

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