Saturday, May 31, 2008

how inappropriate is this outfit for kroger?

that's the question i asked clint about 20 minutes ago, when i realized the thing i wanted most in the world was something for dessert from kroger (okay, really i'd like it not to be from kroger, but that's the closest & probably only thing open).

he looked up from painting my butcher block (did i tell you this is what he made me for mother's day???!) to say i looked fine, so off i went in my pj shorts & gown/shirt, & fleece (yes it's super, stinking hot here, but for some reason i have JUST NOW gotten my old body thermostat back from having a baby - i'm officially cold all the time like i used to be.)

yes, i looked ridiculous - from outfit to bangs gone wild, as i took a shower earlier & didn't get to straighten them yet! but i ask you - what else could i do? i was feeling the urge!!! and i would be feeling so left out in about 10 minutes when clint comes in & sits on the couch with the rest of the crumble i made last week! now i can happily join him :) (if he hurries up, that is - i can't wait too long to dig in!!!)

happy saturday night to you!


Kelli said...

What was the dessert? My curiosity is peaked. If it's any consolation, I went to the mall yesterday in the saddest ensemble known to man, with greasy, unwashed hair and zero makeup. As I passed the high school girls in their mini dresses, high heels and bright red lipstick, I felt a fleeting moment of shame. I brushed it off quickly, though, cause I honestly just don't care!

kelly said...

haha - i have so often had the same experience! you know they're thinking - that's a pretty cute mom - if she'd just put some cute clothes on & do her hair! they have NO IDEA!!!!!!!! haha!

& the dessert was from one of my earlier posts - melted semisweet chocolate chips w/ whip cream on top & walnuts. something inside me totally craves this random concoction!

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