Wednesday, September 24, 2008

waiting game

so it's another week of waiting for the harps...

there was definitely a change on the sonogram, but it was still inconclusive. really, there are more questions than answers & hopefully we'll now more next week. basically we think there are all of these questions & weird possible scenarios because we're still so early in the pregnancy. as most of you know, usually you have a sono @ 8-10 wks & i'm probably only @ 6.

so here's to another week of waiting, deep breaths, and showing myself a lot of chocolate love :)

ps: thanks soooo much again for all of your sweet comments - they really mean the world to me.


kinsey said...

been praying for you today...and will continue.

Jaime said...

Prayers, Kelly! :)

kelly said...

thanks, gals :)
we'll take all the prayers we can get!

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