Wednesday, September 24, 2008

what to do with extra swim diapers

it turns out that there is a great use for extra swim diapers that won't fit next year :)
and that is what we've been up to this week. that & keeping busy with a wholesale order from snug as a bug in tyler. it has been good to have something to do.
i want to thank you ever so much for all of the sweet comments you left. i do feel very loved on, which is a good thing in these situations. i really appreciate what each of you said & feel very blessed by you .
our appointment is this afternoon. i'll keep you posted.


darrah said...

funny pics! i've been thinking about you all day. do keep us posted.

and thanks so much for the comment. it really encouraged me and helped me to keep going!

Anonymous said...

Kel- I am glad Caden is not the only diaper head...we play that game too!!! Thinking about you and praying for you guys. Much love, Ging

kelly said...

aren't these pictures funny?! i'm just glad the diapers were clean (!) & that hudson now has a fellow diaper head buddy in caden.

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