Saturday, January 24, 2009

thirty, flirty, & thriving

yep, i'm officially thirty.
about the flirty & thriving part(which comes from that jennifer garner movie)...
well, i've never been very flirty at all, but i would consider myself much more friendly to teenage boys than i was when i actually was a teenager & barely could talk with boys at all!!! haha! so that's an improvement. (clint says this sounds bad, so for clarification - i'm just saying that i actually can hold a conversation w/ the pizza guy instead of being too shy!!)
& thriving? well, i'm definitely growing & stretching right now & really learning a lot. i'm not sure that's what jennifer garner meant, but it's a good thing!

now clint & i were definitely thirty (or 31!), flirty & thriving last night when he surprised me with tickets to the opera! we went to see a midsummer night's dream @ the houston grand opera. it was really fun & sophisticated & definitely made me feel grown up :) the scenery was amazing & so inventive. & while neither of us know much about operatic singing (is that even the way to say it??!), we were totally blown away by the voices. i don't even think they use microphones!
we got the most fabulous cheesecake to-go from a little cafe on the way home & enjoyed it while i opened fun & thoughtful gifts from my sweet hubby!
funny enough, our "babysitters" (aka our friends allison & dana) had been commissioned by clint to wrap the gifts while we were gone (clint just happens to be one of the most busy men alive these past few weeks!) & they went a step further, sending me on a scavenger hunt around the house with little matching clues to find all of my gifts! too funny & really fun.
here was the first clue - arranged in fruit!! did i mention these girls are creative??!

more highlights from my first day of being thirty...
-found a fun dress that ended up being perfect for the opera (black shift w/ beading + shiny black leggings) on sale!! AND hudson was a gem while i shopped!
-okay, i'll be honest those "shiny black leggings" were actually my first pair of "assets" - check them out if you don't know about them - they are a great gift to yourself @ thirty!!!
-wore my hair in an "up-do" - very sophisticated!!
gave myself a manicure & actually painted my nails!! i hardly ever do this, so it felt pretty grown-up!
just happened to get a big shipment of new fabric in - yaaaay!
-got lots of fun & sweet msgs from friends & family - thanks guys!
it was a great day :)
alright, off to "being thirty" day #2!


Mario and Andrea Rodriguez said...

HAPPY 30th Kel! Sounds like you had quite a day! - dre

Meggan and Trent said...

Happy Birthday! 30 is fabulous (as is 31 and hopefully 32...). :)

Christy said...

happy birthday! sounds like you had so much fun. the opera is very sophisticated. i am sure it was a blast. and what sweet gifts from clint. love you too!

Ruth Lee said...

Kelly it is Ruth Lee and I so glad you found me!! We are living in Houston, too. Actually we are in Sienna Plantation which is in Missouri City. Let's definitely get together soon. My email is

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