Friday, March 6, 2009


i hate this blog background.

it seemed like such a good idea with the cute flowers, but something about the pinky-ish background + the mauve font color makes me nauseous. you, too?

speaking of, U2 does have a new album out, fyi. c burned it for me for the car, but i just can't remember to ever put in in the car w/ me. can't imagine why, it's not like i have a purse, a diaper bag, keys, whatever else, + a small boy to get to the car everytime anyway...!

can you tell i'm having a crappy day??!

went to bed late, woke up early. unfortunately so did hudson, which caused him to be less than cheerful this morning & also caused him to scream & cry for 30 minutes in the gym nursery. which caused his poor "just trying to get one freaking work out in this week" mother to have to quit her fun dance/sweat-your-hiney-off class & come get his pitiful crying butt.

not that i am bitter.

just that it was my ONE attempt at working out this week & you'd think he could remember the THREE times i took him to the park this week & just let me off the hook & color with the other kids for 50 minutes!!!

apparently not.

anyway, i've been a terrible blogger lately & i really do apologize. i'm not sure i would have even posted today, but i read my friend kelli's blog & felt both really honored & really guilty for being so negligent! thanks, kelli :)

thankfully the cranky monster that is my son (whom i do love, i promise) is now napping & i'm just praaaaaaaying that luis, our lawn man does not wake him with his supersonic leaf blowing skills. i have had to confess much angst towards luis in previous fridays @ the numerous times hudson has awoken screaming, until i re-realized that luis is only doing his job AND that by doing his job, hudson & are afforded more weekend time with our beloved daddy. it also helps that luis is extremely nice, and it's really hard to hold a grudge against someone so nice AND helpful.

okay, i'm about done here.
thank goodness mimi is on her way next week. & not a minute too soon.


Kelli said...

Those darn kids. You'd think they'd bend over backwards to show their appreciation for all that we do for them, yeah? :) Hope he gets a good nap. I just tucked mine is and I am headed to the couch myself. Aaaaahhhhh...

Ruth Lee said...

I totally know how you feel! I am forever reminding my Hudson what all I have done for him so that he will cooperate, but it doesn't seem to work. :)

Christy said...

i totally understand the Y thing! jayden does not like it there - he never has. sometimes i get a whole workout in and sometimes at about 20 minutes on the elyptical i am called to get my screaming kid.
that is when i am reminded that motherhood is not about me - i have to remind myself that when i am feeling sorry for myself for not getting my whole workout in!
blessing to you in this my friend!

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