Tuesday, June 16, 2009

alacrity around

just a few pics i found of alacritydesigns stuff around the web.

just kidding :) these are people i personally know, but still cool to see my stuff around!

the darling miss emery marable in the ladybug combo...

the watermelon from beulah's in fredericksburg (did i tell that's our new store?!!)

and these are from a post from clint's blog (yeah, he has a blog now!). he stopped by the houston store that carries alacritydesigns the other day - just to get to see my stuff in a store :) it's all still pretty crazy to me!

hope you're enjoying your week...


Christy said...

love your sweet new model!
hope that you are doing well. fun that clint has a blog now - i read it and it is funny!

Eric and Ruth said...

Love that ladybug combo! Love reading your blog, I wish I was a more dedicated blogger:).

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