Sunday, June 14, 2009

what i'm up to

hello blog world.

i'm really trying to keep up with you, but it's hard! i have ideas to blog about, but either they slip away before i get to the computer, or i can't seem to remember to get a picture to go with them!

anyway, i thought i'd just let you know what i've been doing this past week, pictures or not! one, hudson has began a new obsession with what he lovingly refers to as his "bubba want". more on that later when i get finally get a picture! (i know, what a cliff hanger, huh?!)

two, um what did i do last week? uh, well i remember what i did this weekend, so i'll just skip to that. one, we went to caleb's birthday party & hudson experienced chuck e. cheese for the first time. eeeek!

there was a lot of this...

and a lot of this going on.

and then we had a fundraiser @ our church for this place. check out the website - it's an INCREDIBLE project - building a long term home for women & girls coming out of the sex trafficing trade here in houston. YES, i said sex trafficing!!!!!!! are you as shocked as i was to learn of this HUGE industry here in texas? houston happens to be the #2 city in the u.s. for this disgusting industry & women/girls are being brought from all around the world (including from cities here in the u.s.!!) to "massage parlors" & store fronts that look legit, but are anything but. one of the worst things about this whole mess is that once the girls are rescued, they often have no where to go. enter home of hope.

okay, i think i've convinced you on how amazing it is, huh? :)

btw, the fundraiser went really well. it was a complete "loaves & fish" kind of deal where god took a small gift & multiplied it like crazy. wow.

so how do i transition from that? well, i cooooould show you some new projects i'm working on. would ya like to see that???! :)

yeah, i think i'll do that later this week! stay tuned :)

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Jaclyn said...

Chuck.E.Cheese? How fun! I am sure he loved it! I have been too afraid to bring Grace, it always looks so crazy! Maybe i should bring her on a Tuesday or something :)
p.s. that fundraiser sounds amazing!
p.s.s. we have company coming the first week of July. We should all try to get together before that!

hope you are having a great week!!

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