Thursday, June 18, 2009

food addictions

well, it's been a week now that we've been chocolate milk free (see this post). i swear - that stuff is like crack. hudson has asked for it constantly - pointing to the fridge, like it's just something we keep in there all the time. i do think the addiction is slowly wearing off as he's asking for it less & less. whew.

though this morning we drove by chickfila & he pleaded & cried for chicken nuggets. oh, brother. i think it would have been okay if we hadn't 5 minutes later gone by our favorite ice cream place where he started the pleading & crying routine again, only this time it escaladed into full blown wails.

i really must be the worst mom ever. heehee :)

in situations like that where i can't discipline him (in the car), i just choose to ignore it & turn up the radio. when he was finally quiet, i called my friend stephanie - needed a marinade idea & she's the expert - & with a glance back @ him, realized he was asleep! i guess the fit wore him out, which really was fine with me :)

EXCEPT now it's 2:05 & he's still not asleep in his room! oh, brother again. i hope this doesn't turn into a napless thursday.

anyway, i'm just going to ignore him because i have big plans of making this...

it's a summer squash gratin.

sounds fancy, huh?

i just discovered 101 Cookbooks food blog & mmmm am i glad i did! this will be my first venture into one of heidi's recipes & i really cannot wait.

i'll let you know how it turns out...

oh, & ps - i'm getting to the new alacritydesigns stuff i promised...

oh, & pps - did you know "au gratin" means "with scrappings" (or something similar)?? stephanie, you really are becoming a foodie :)

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