Monday, June 8, 2009

a few bites

i thought of a few more recipes i wanted to share with you...


lately, i've totally fallen in love with hummus. it's so easy & YUM for lunch & i loooove to have something yummy to look forward to @ lunchtime, know what i mean? so i combined a recipe from my sister & one i found on this blog & came up with this.

2 cans of drained chick peas (or just pick them from your backyard, right stephanie?)

2T water

juice of a large lemon (maybe a lime??!)

3 T tahini (this is sesame paste & can be found @ most grocery stores - try the international isle)

4 garlic cloves, minced

at least a teaspoon of sea salt

4 T extra virgin olive oil

several cranks of the pepper grinder

toss in your food processor (or i hear a blender works just fine) & blend into a paste. you can add water (a T @ a time) to get the right consistency. now sometimes it still tastes a little bland to me (this is especially due to the tahini), so i'll add more salt & pepper, or lemon juice.
my sister uses paprika in hers & i bet that's good, too.

now my favorite way to eat this good stuff is with carrot sticks or toast made in my good ol george forman. i'm IN LOVE with heb's marathon bread. there's just something about the days when i make this & can sit down with hudson to enjoy lunch together! yes, i do make him a little mini-bowl of "dip" & give him a carrot & toast. & yes, he does take one dip of a carrot, lick it & make a face :) but i just breathe deeply & know there's more hummus for me!

hope you enjoy!

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