Saturday, June 20, 2009


today, i'm finishing up these...

& hopefully sending them to our sweet friends in portland, oregon. they just welcomed their 3rd girl & i was so inspired to do humming birds for them with various fun fabric scraps i had - i love how they turned out! the tank tops are left overs from beulah's order. rebekah wanted tanks for the summer to pair with those tulle tu-tus that are so popular - cuteness, huh?!

and speaking of new babies, CONGRATS to the ogden family on the birth of little duncan! we're so happy for you guys & can't wait to get up there to meet the little guy :)

i'm also about to bake these...

*picture courtesy of her blog - see below for link

they look amazing, huh? they're tiger butter bake sale bars from this super cute site. part of me chose this recipe for our father's day treat just so i could lick the bowl :)
which leads me to father's day - tomorrow! we're celebrating today by going to the pool this afternoon with a little picnic of treats.
in following last year's tradition, we'll be munching on raspberry yogurt covered pretzels from heb's bulk section (SO GOOD!) & honey wheat pretzels with the fresh honey roasted peanut butter from heb (jaime - didn't you just blog about this?). it may seem like pretzel overload, but it's realllly good.
and IF i have time, i'll be browsing through this super cool book i just got from amazon...

i love this gal's blog. it's so inspiring & so is the book. i'll probably be sharing more about it as i get the chance to read it (you know, i all my extra time!!!).

well, happy saturday to all :)


kinsey said...

LOVE the birds!!!! way way way cute.

Jaclyn said...

Kelly, i LOVE those birds! Are you going to put some in your shop? I want to order one for Grace! Let me know :)
Hope you are having a great weekend and happy fathers day to Clint!

kelly said...

thanks, gals :) i really love the birdies, too!
making you want a girl, kinsey??!
i need to email you back, jaclyn!

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