Tuesday, June 23, 2009

what i'm up to, part 2

so, finally gettin around to showing you that new alacrity stuff...

these pics are from my phone & not intended for show, but it's all i have right now...

love it? i dooooo! when i showed it to hudson, he asked to put it on, so i think he likes it to :)
planes are special in our family as my grandfather was a pilot & my uncle is too.

comes in white onesies (3-12m) & gowns (0-3m), also white Ts (12-24m)
AND in blue Ts (2, 4, 6) - had to for hudson!
and just when you thought the cuteness was maxed out, you can also get brown pants (3-12m) to match!

too much, huh? :)!!!

i love the plane - so classic boy with a touch of graphic here. i love this fabric, too. it's a new design that i took a chance on & i'm so glad i did. can't wait to get one ready for hudson!

well, i got a little more cuteness for ya...

again, bad pic - so sorry, but i thought you'd like to see.
can't you just picture some little cuties in this this fall????!!!!!!!! ahhhhhh!

comes in white onesies (3-12m) & gowns (0-3m), also white Ts (12-24m)
AND i'm still thinking through what to do for toddler sizes. let me know if you're interested...

and i went ahead & maxed out the cuteness again with some brown pants to match w/ a little pumpkin on the leg - pictures to come.

my thoughts on the pumpkin -

-did i mention i love it ? :) heehee
-great for the whole fall season. you might even be able to stretch it to november since it's techniquely a pumpkin & not a jack-o-lantern. i'm all about getting lots of use out of my fav kiddo clothes!
-love it for a halloween quasi costume for baby. especially in tx where it can be so stinking hot that you don't want your little one in some crazy hot costume.
-love it for boy or girl babies, or older boys (MORE ON A HALLOWEEN T FOR OLDER BOYS!)
-looooove it with brown baby leg warmers when you want to change it up with the pants
need i go on (because i could!)


kinsey said...

LOVE THE PLANE!! with all your new stuff, i think it's about time for me to make another order ;-)

Christy said...

precious! i love both of those designs! i agree the pumpkin can go into all of fall - which i like too!

Ruth Lee said...

You are amazing!! I LOVE the plane outfit and my Hudson would love it, too, because he has a plane room.

kelly said...

Thanks, gals!!! So glad you like them, too!!
Kinsey - you know where to find me when you're ready!!!
Christy - can't believe you're blogging right now! You're wonder woman!!
RL - I bet your hudson's room is so cute! I'm working on a big boy room for mine!

Eric and Ruth said...

I LOVE the pumpkin!!!!

Diane said...

So clever....I love them!

Evan and Nicole said...

I just recently discovered your blog and would love to order some of your clothes for my little girl - I was wondering when you would have the pumpkin outfit ready to order? I went on your etsy site and did not see it. Let me know! either through e-mail or our blog



kinsey said...

saw it on facebook, but was hoping for more details here! congrats on the upcoming harp ;-) fill us in!

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