Monday, July 20, 2009

and another week goes by...

and almost another week & i haven't posted.
at least it was only a week :)

and what have i been doing in this week? not much. i believe it was mary evelyn who said pregnancy is 90% miracle & 10% freak show/alien living inside you?? (bev, you may just have to comment.)

i would have to agree. this little alien has been quite demanding. she's caused me to create what seems like a permanent dent in our couch. and she doesn't like laundry. or cooking.
but she does like to eat, though she's pretty picky & if she decides she doesn't want something to eat, she won't eat it! it's rough keeping up with her demands.

i'm trying to remind myself we only have 3-4 wks left of this craziness, but honestly i don't know if our house is going to make it. this morning we woke up to piles of laundry everywhere, toys galore adorning the floors, & maddie hair collections in the corners. (i'll spare you from describing the bathrooms.) and lest you think i'm really this clean freak that is just exaggerating the issue, let me share a conversation that really happened this weekend.

"where in the world are my boxers?? i've looked everywhere." -clint (as the poor man scavenges through various laundry piles.)
"did you look in your drawer?" -me (from the couch, of course)
"ooohhhh, that's where they are! i've been wondering!" -clint

really, it's that bad.

so this morning i've been defying the little alien & trying my darnedest (sp?) to get a few things done around here. a few piles of clothes have been put away (okay, clint did most of that but i'm still counting it), many have been folded, i actually got our sheets in the washer, started cleaning out the fridge, refilled our baby wipe boxes, made hudson breakfast & then a smoothie (the child is going through some kind of crazy growth spurt), AND took a shower already! whew! that's a full morning for me :)

maybe i need to lie down now...


LuLiTa said...

you are going to scar this kid for life if it turns out to be another boy. can you put FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, POST PICS OF MEXICO on your to-do list please? that'd be great. thanks.

kelly said...

Lulita - why do you assume i think it's a girl just because i use "she"? i thought you were a feminist. shameful! :)
(for those of you who don't know, Lulita is aka my little sister & that's why i can talk to her like this! heehee.)

Anonymous said...

nap time is a must; I'm not sure how I can survive life without nap time - at least you're pregnant! I'm just tired...

love you kelly! I saw your little bump at church and it just made me smile!

Jennifer said...

i feel your pain, kelly. i think it's 3x as bad the third time just in case you're thinking of a third, be prepared. good luck the rest of your pregnancy. hope you get some energy back:)

Anonymous said...

Hay Kelly! I promiae it will get better and you will forget all this when "she" gets here. It's worth every bit you are going through. The laundry, house,yard, Clint & Huddy will survive it and so what if ya'll get a little Maddie hair in your food, clothes furniture it's okey. My house is a mess most of the time because I don't have the energy to keep up with it anymore and keep the yard up too. I've come to the conclusion that there are more important things then wearing myself to exhaustion then keeping my house guest ready. Things will work out fine just keep trudging on. I love you all!
Have a wonderful day & God bless you!

kelly said...

and now i have memaw's approval! that's all i need :)
thanks memaw!!

Unknown said...

Lay down!! It doesn't last forever, unfortunately!!

So, take a load off, grow a baby, enjoy her movements. Let Hudson cuddle or color or paint...wash clothes when you're on your last holy pair... :)

Life is good.


Beverly Stevens said...

I will be sure to let mev know she was referenced in your blog. Her words of wisdom will be passed on from generation to generation. I am so excited for the Harp family and the new alien, er...child! I need to get back to Texas soon to see all these babies (and their mothers)!

Steph Zerbe said...

You are hilarious! I love reading your daily haps...happenings. Very amusing! You are too cute.

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