Thursday, September 24, 2009

1st girly purchase

i warned you.

i warned you all, here on this very blog.

i told you that i would not be able to resist buying pink things.

& i've never lied about my weakness for houndstooth print. and well, when i saw that it came with a matching hat, it was simply all over.

here is my very first baby girl purchase...

okay, yes it's size 2T & it's probably extremely ridiculous to buy something that will fit her in 2 yrs, but it was the smallest size they had! and it was a good price.

of course, i just ate about 4 spoonfuls of nutella, so she just might come out fitting in it nicely :)


kinsey said...


LuLiTa said...


ThePoeFam said...

So cute!!!! And, oh how I love Nutella! :)

Kelli said...

Very cute and no - it's never too early to purchase an adorable coat with matching hat.

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