Wednesday, September 30, 2009

love @ first sight

this week hudson received the highest honor bestowed upon a 2 yr old - he got to meet elmo.

at about 6:05 i was wondering what we were going to feed hudson for dinner when i remembered that elmo was coming to chickfila that VERY night, so we jumped in the car & headed out.

i wondered how h would react to a huge, moving, red elmo as he's never seen a "real life" character like that, but he loved it. no reservations, no tears. he was enamored.

first sighting...


not to be a downer, but clint & i just hoped elmo wasn't passing along the swine flu in that nappy red fur that he kept touching everyone with. eww.


Steph Zerbe said...

Oh, how fun! So cute!

Amanda Brooks said...

Awesome!! Love this! I sure hope he wasn't passing along the swine flu either! I would have never thought of that. Yay for hand sanitizer!!

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