Wednesday, September 23, 2009

pumpkin bread

i could get a really big bottom from eating this bread.

did i just say that? yes. well, let's chalk it up to being pregnant, okay? it's just what came to my mind.

i really, realllllly, realllllllly love starbuck's pumpkin bread. omg, it's soooo good. i might be addicted.

and you know what it's really, especially good with?

a tall, decaf espresso truffle. that's what.

mmmmmm. i love fall.


Beverly Stevens said...

I agree...That pumpkin bread may be the best thing ever. I like to believe it is only 100 calories! So excited about the girl babe news! I need to come out to Texas soon. So many new babies will be there for me to meet!

kelly said...

Well, it may have more like 125 calories, but really who's counting??
YES, your second home state is calling your name!!!!

Laura // Elizabeth said...

I've been told by quite a few people that this recipe is SOOOOO close to the starbucks pumpkin bread recipe....

enjoy :)

kelly said...

mmm!! thanks!!! i will definitely have to look that up :)

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