Saturday, October 3, 2009

decisions, decisions...

did i mention that i ended up with the green backpack for hudson?

i guess you realized that by his first day of school pics :) i finally made a decision on that one & have been really happy with it, btw. and now here i am with another decision that i think i mentioned in that very backback post - hudson's big boy room. omg, i cannot decide!

well, that's not totally true - i did decide to make him some sort of quilt. which kind? i don't know. but i am going to make it. somehow :) which means i need to take back all the other stuff i bought - darn! anyone looking for some pretty adorable car sheets???!

i'm going to the international quilt festival this coming week, so i'm hoping to get some good ideas. not that good ideas are ever my problem - usually i have so many ideas that i have a hard time deciding :(

and that's not even mentioning baby girl's nursery! i've come up with only about a ka-jillion ideas that i would LOVE to do. i can't even land on a color scheme for pete's sake! classic pink? yellow & black? colorful? blue & pink? and what about over all look? classic? modern? anthro-ish???!! eeek!

so yeah, thankfully the quilt show is coming up. & this year i'm going to the vendor market as well as the show. there are soooo many fabulous fabrics coming out & i think that'll help me to be able to actually get my hands on them & make some decisions!

now all i need to do is find a babysitter to watch the little man while i go. any takers??! he will share his juice boxes :)


Jaime said...

love that you went with the green one! As for big boy and girl rooms, isn't it just the hardest? I feel as if Reid's is never going to come together (it will, but seriously, I'm slow). He's 3 now and still in a crib. ACK! That is beyond cool that you are going to a quilt festival and I think you'll surely find ideas.

I like your more anthroish look for a girls' room, but that's just me. :)

J said...

oh what a cute close-up of hudson!

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