Monday, January 18, 2010


if i were sesame street, i'd choose this as my word of the day.
i've felt super tired all day & low on patience & hudson has felt uber cranky all day & high on tantrums.
rough combo.
he literally cried for 20 minutes because i took my jacket off & he wanted it "ON!". mmhmmm. yeah. and that was just one of his episodes.
THEN this super fun craft project i just KNEW would turn out soooo adorable turned out soooo not! i hate when that happens!!
i had seen THIS tutorial for making your own wreath with acorns & thought it was so cute, but then i saw THIS one & thought - okay, yeah, i could really do that, since i'd just have to buy a bag of lima beans & not collect acorns. i swear i saw another tutorial on some site for a hot pink lima bean wreath, too.
anyway so i stayed up waaaaaay too late last night hot glue-ing limas (and my poor fingers together - OUCH!). i thought it was going to look cute until i got out the pink spray paint this afternoon. and yeah, it didn't exactly "come together" as i was planning. somehow it just ended up looking like... well, spray-painted-lima-beans-hot-glued-on-styrofoam.
here it is in the trash can...

there was just no hope for it.


so, now i'm off to make dinner & hope that turns out okay :) one plus of this whole situation? when i went to get the lima beans, i remembered to get that curry paste i had forgotten to buy last week, so we can finally have the yummy curry tonight!


Anonymous said...

You are tooooo funny! Hope your fingers heal soon. You might keep in mind, that when you are having an especially hard day yourself and with Huddy, it might not be the best day for a craft project! I can tell you, by experience that with each child comes less and less craft projects! BUT hey, in about 18 to 20 years, you can get it all back out again! Ha really it is not that bad.......Love Ya!

Meg said...

i am so sorry you had a crappy day but you gave me a smiling start to my morning!! i am laughing at the spray painted lima bean wreath!! i think it could be cute for Easter?? anyway, i hope today dawns brighter!! so excited to see pics of baby girl!!

Stephanie said...

Don't waste the lima beans! We can feed the guys "Think Pink Lima Bean Soup" on girls nite!

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