Friday, July 2, 2010

back again!

are you impressed??!

it's just that it's semi-quiet around here & so i thought - hey! i'll blog for a minute! don't worry, i'm sure in a matter of 2.3 seconds, the h's will be yelling :)

until then, i thought i'd tell you about my THRILLING morning (hahahaaa!!)

**okay, seriously, i just heard holland. that girl's got a radar.**

better make this quick.

it's a rainy day here - major rain. i guess it's residue from that hurricane. anyway, it's slowing down our usual friday morning schedule. what's our friday morning schedule, you ask?? it sounds so very official, huh?? :) well, it's just going to the grocery store. that's it. well, & sometime starbucks on the way.

it's our friday morning activity & really, it's helped me in a lot of ways. one, it helps me to organize the week's dinner sched. & also helps to make weekends a little more relaxing & fun. food = fun in my book & not going to the grocery store on the weeekends when it's CRAZY crowded also = fun. i try to make the groc fun for hudson, too so he thinks of it as a fun activity to do. so he likes getting a piece of fruit & a cookie & a tortilla (or whatever they have) sample, etc. & it's all free, so that's super nice. & sometimes we open a bag of crackers or popcorn or something & he munches away. it makes him happy, which makes me happy :) & holland likes the baby bjorn, so we're usually good there.

really, i'm just becoming aware of the fact that i'm really writing a post about the grocery store. this may be a new all time low. eeek.

well, it's this or nothing.

so just to make this post SOMEWHAT interesting, i'll link to some stuff we're going to make this weekend.

theyre all from the the pioneer woman. i've never made anything of hers before, but once we were the luckiest of lucky recipients of a lasagna made from her recipe & OH MY GOSH it was BEYOND fabulous! so do try that if you're in the italiano mood sometime.

tomato & eggplant pizza -
one thing i know - eggplant is FAB when done well & HORRID when not done well. i'll let you know how it goes.

prociutto & caramelized onion pizza -
say the words "caramelized onion" & i'm in every time.

blackberry icecream -
mmmm. blackberries were on sale last week, so i'm hoping they still are. i'm trying to find somekind of chocolate cake to go with it. my mouth is already watering...

okay, that's it folks - i've got to go save holland from the miserable fate of having to stay in her bed for more than 1 hr at a time. actually right now, i think hudson has climbed into bed with her & is probably stealing all of her paci's. i'm not sure as he has disabled the monitor camera.

happy fourth weekend!

**post edit: i clicked "publish post" & dashed into holland's nursery to find swim-goggle-clad hudson perched over holland's crib with a bottle clint left in there from the wee hours this morning. when he saw me, he yelled "MOM! Hollands wants her bottle!!!!!!". i felt a mixture of pride & horror :)


Anonymous said...

pioneer woman salsa is awesome, cheap and super easy. And her crash hot potatoes are like candy. Loved seeing the pics.- mel cable

Christy said...

you are too funny!
hope all of those yummy recipes go well. the blackberry ice cream sounds amazing. love that the big brother is such a helper!
glad to see you posting often! love the pics from the earlier post. thanks for the call - i will email or call back soon! j is the 2nd i am the 5th - you were early :) that's way better than i could probably do!
happy 4th weekend!

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