Wednesday, July 14, 2010


"Don't underestimate the value of Doing Nothing, of just going along, listening to all the things you can't hear, and not bothering."
~Pooh's Little Instruction Book

that's what i'm doing right now. nothing.

& everything.

i just found out that my grandmother passed away this afternoon.
we knew it was coming for months now, but it's still seems so sudden.

hudson, holland, & i were going to go up there next week to be with her & my mom & so i think that's why i feel so shocked about it. death is so sudden & so final. sad.

but as is often said, i'm so glad she didn't suffer longer. it seems like a cruel joke to live a long life, only to have the end be so physically painful as it seems to be for so many. she ended up drifting off in her sleep & i'm so grateful for that.

she was a strong woman. very strong. very "german", as we often used to say. she gardened. she cooked. she composted before composting was ever cool. she made mickey mouse pancakes for us when we were little & also rag dolls & pajamas.

she was stern. she was brave. she was my memaw.

hudson called her "memom" for some unknown reason. holland amelia is named after memaw's mother, amelia may. it's a funny coincidence that her name, georgia, is also clint's beloved home state.

biscuits & gravy, big sunglasses, red hair, fox news, leftovers, multinomah falls,iron skillets, slaton tx, old settees, tools, stuffing, crocs, garlic in everything, petunias, & "doing it yourself"

these are the quirky things that come up when i think of memaw. funny.

we love you, memaw/memom! we miss you already. i definitely feel a certain loss on planet earth. however, i'm quite certain you're already up there stretching your legs, feeling better & probably getting started on a new butterfly garden :)


LuLiTa said...

horseradish, political books, portland, the 2000 flood prediction map, vegetable gardens, jalepenos, hot toddies, american flags, dogs & anything outdoors :)

Eric and Ruth said...

kelly, I'm sorry to hear about your grandma:(. It was a good post of remembering her.

Christy said...

kelly -
i am so sorry to hear about your grandmother. it seems that a generation is passing away this year (my grandmother did a month ago and several others have as well). it sounds like she was a wonderful women, i remember stories you have told me about her before. i hope that your mom and your family is doing okay during this time.

Meg said...

i am sorry to hear about your grandma! mine passed away a few months ago and it was really sad for me too. rejoicing in their glory, but just wild that they're no longer HERE. i think there's something so healing about little ones at this thankful you and your fam have your sweet hudson and holland right now!!

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