Sunday, August 15, 2010

i have experienced denim magic

i did it.
i did what i never thought i would.
what i never thought i could possibly brave.

i tried on a pair of skinny jeans AND i bought them!

normally i try not to even utter the words "skinny" & "jean" in the same sentence, but today i conquered my fear & realized they're surprisingly not so bad. so welcome me into the 21st century!!

we had to go to the mall for a few things today, a vacuum cleaner being one of them. (& by the way, when did i turn into a person who goes to the mall for a vacuum cleaner?!) so there we were (after vacuum cleaner purchase) in american eagle. clint needed some new undies (aren't you glad the whole world knows your fav undie brand now, c?!) & shorts. i was strolling miss holls along when i saw them - skinny jeans for $29! what a price! i decided to be wild & go for it - try them on! what could it hurt? when am i ever @ the mall? & when do i ever get to just try on (anything) a pair of jeans?

those that go before me in the fashion world claimed skinny jeans weren't really so bad once you try them on, but i have NEVER once believed them & certainly not now as i tugged desperately @ the denim. they were so.darn.tight. i considered giving up. how could my fragile ego recover from what i was about to surely see - me in painted on jeans?!

but suddenly up & over the rear, buttoned, & OH MY GOSH, they fit. what? whaaaa? they fit? i was shocked. not just "i can get them on" fit, but they fit-fit.

somehow, & i have NO idea how, those jeans end up making you look kinda skinny. & i don't mean skinny-skinny, but like you look okay to be wearing skinny jeans. it's some kind of magic.

and another bit of magic - i didn't even have THAT bad of a muffin top! hallelujah!

you better believe i bought those jeans right then & there. i cannot say what magic happened today in the dressing room of american eagle. all i can say is what i experienced.

now hopefully they'll fit in 2 months when it's finally cool enough to wear them.

**hope you enjoy the lovely piles of clothes on the floor. notice they are sorted, so i can claim that they're "laundry" instead of just clothes on the floor :)


aunt nonna said...

dayum! hot mama!

Christy said...

I love them! They look precious on you! I didn't think I could do the skinny jeans thing either - but got a pair last yeAr and Have enjoyed them! Hope all is well!

Jeff and Sarah Bianchi said...

Hi Kelly,
I scan through your creativity every now and again. You are so gifted, beautiful and full of life! Just to note: before I saw your comments, I said to myself ... "Wow ... Hot Mama!" Ditto Aunt Nonna! love, Sarah

Clint said...

First of all, great writing in this post...i was hooked and entertained all the way through, and i was there for all the denim drama for crying out loud! As for the undies there nothing sacred anymore!?! Before long everyone will know i have to shave before i go for a run and i systematically and religiously check the locks on all the doors everynight before bed. Good grief. Might as well put our life on BRAVO. c

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