Monday, August 16, 2010

i'm hungry

watching this makes me hungry.
every monday night.
do you watch? it's so interesting - like anthropology (not "ie") meets good food. super interesting, though admittedly sometimes gross, especially when he eats weird meat. but anyway...

i've been super inspired kitchen wise lately. on friday i was suddenly overtaken by a fierce need to cook something REALLY good & right then, so i set off to make the pioneer woman's lasagna & some chocolate cupcakes.

#1 that lasagna is THE BEST i've ever had. EVER. seriously, i mean it. my friend, jaclyn made it for us when holls was born. we were happy - oh yay, someone made us lasagna - but then one bite & OH MY. we couldn't get over that cheesy goodness & well, i lay partial blame for still having several baby pounds @ the feet of that lasagna.

#2 if you like to cook & you look up that recipe, you'll turn your nose up & want to snub it because it's so simple & she uses run of the mill ingredients (like presliced deli mozzarella & Kraft grated parmesan, for pete's sake!), but let me just tell YOU something. try it. yes, just try it. you will see, my friend. though, i must confess i did use fresh mozzarella & a good parmesan (you know, one that has to be refrigerated - FANCY!) & wheat pasta (not fancy, just healthier).

#3 i have procured the absolute best chocolate cake recipe known to the human race & i mean it. you know how chocolate cake can be dry? ick. this one is SO yum & even in cupcake form. & i dare say, though i know not how, i think it's even more moist the next day. weird. i did manage to pry a few away from clint's grasp to give to our new neighbors, but the truth is i wasn't happy to give them away either. otherwise i could be polishing off another one of those babies right now! sigh.

#4 all of this food talk is making me hungry again.

happy tuesday, bloggies!

**i think i owe a pan of lasagna to each of you who gave me sweet compliments about the last post :) very sweet of you! i really didn't mean to fish for compliments & in fact i feel compelled to say that i think the angle of the camera was a really good one & also that i may not have a major muffin top with these jeans, but i will still definitely be pairing the jeans with tops of the flowy variety. well, that is until the results of all of my crunches kick it. oh wait, i don't really do crunches. darn.


Anonymous said...

love me some pioneer woman! but where's the chocolate cupcake recipe?- mel cable

Clint said...

I can't not leave a comment here when my boy tony b is the subject. Nice props.
As far as the food goes, I still feel bad about slapping you in the face. twice. once after a bite of the lasagna and once after the first brownie bite...they were just that good. It's your fault.



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