Thursday, September 23, 2010

domestic miracles

by the time clint walked in the door, i was tired. so tired.
just d o n e.
done with hudson being sick, done with children not napping, done with our floors being so stinkin gritty...

so as c walked in the door, i said "hi" followed immediately by "can you please give the kids a bath?" 
& bless him, he did it, though i'm sure it was not on his top ten things i'd like to do right when i get home from a long day at work list.
i took a deep breath, put on the indigo girls & threw a load of towels into the washer, hoping that was the source of the disgusting mold smell that greets us lately as we enter/exit the back door.  the same smell i had been ignoring all day.  gross.
next came the day's pile of dishes.  i hate when the dishes pile up.  it's like they taunt me. 
thankfully i was getting into the indigo girls groove. 

"there is fire,
there is lust.
some would trade it all for someone they could trust..." 

it was nice. 

i remember my friend saying when she was growing up, if her mom turned on patsy cline, the whole family knew she was "in a mood".  i wonder if my kids will say that about me & the indigo girls.

"there's a bag of silver for a box of nails,
it's so simple the betrayal,
though it's known to change the world & what's to come..."

i was fighting the urge to just lay down on that gritty floor & give up - you win, bad day & bad mood!  the music was helping, but i wasn't sure even the ig could conqueor this combination of tired+frustration. 

"i hear the owl,
in the night,
i realized that somethings never are made right."

then clint came in begging me to clorox wipe his back where hudson had been wiping his "impetigo-ed*" chin all over.  & that made me laugh because
1.  ewww, gross.
2.  clint's germ-a-phobic-ness makes me laugh.  or sometimes get annoyed.  i guess i was lucky this time.

then hudson ran in completely naked & so darn thrilled about it, which was hilarious anyway, but was also nice as it meant he was still feeling back to his normal self.  & in the interest of full disclosure, i'll go ahead & admit i was partially thankful because that meant he could go to school this week :)  phewf.

& so somehow in a mysterious & fantastic way, my mood lifted & i didn't act like a witch all night (a tired, moody, overworked mama of a witch, to be specific).  it must have been a shift in the universe, or something cosmic.  was it the indigos???  was it the simple availablity of several free minutes to be strung together in deepish, quiet thoughts?  was it the ridding of the sicko mold smell???

whatever it was, i'm calling it a miraculous occurance.  and i'm not going to be surprised if a new indigo girls album winds up in my stocking this year.

*i have to add that the doctor said it "might" be impetigo" & it's pretty much gone now, so who knows what it was. 
***all song quotes are from the indigo girls' "coming home", funny enough***


The Dansbys said...

indigo girls are one of my favs!

Anonymous said...

I had a feeling, i should have come this week! Now i know, i should have. Glad everything turned out! Hang in there.
Love Mom

kelly said...

isn't diggin the ig a prerequisite to living in austin, amelia??!
it's okay, mom - but come, sooooon!!

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