Friday, September 24, 2010


a few weeks ago, mimi was here.
& she bought hudson & i rainboots.

i've been ooogling rainboots for about a year now without purchase.  who says kids should be the only ones splashing in puddles?

hudson's are in the closet for christmas, but mimi said i could have mine NOW.

this is like a special treat because, as my sister & i like to loving remind my mom - she used to save pretty much everything purchased from september to december for christmas.  want some new socks?  sure!  we'll buy them & you can get them for christmas!  like that cute shirt @ the gap?  let's get it & you can unwrap it in 3 months @ christmas!
so in celebration of not having to wait on the boots, i wore them around the house WITH my capris.  i almost wore them to joann's (capris & all), but it's still a tidge hot here (roll of the eyes).

otherwise i totally would have.

as soon as it cools down into the frigid 80s, these are going to be my new bffs.

skinny jeans + rainboots & who cares what shirt!


nonna lulu said...

wow! i cannot believe mom let you open your early-autumn-purchased xmas gift! she's totally cracking.

ps- every time you roll your eyes or say a sarcastic comment about hot weather, i take offence. let's swap for one month and you will be sick of those rainboots, begging for sunshine!


kelly said...

well i can think of an easy solution to that problem - MOVE BACK TO AUSTIN.
just call me "solver of the world's problems".

nonna said...

it doesnt rain in austin. no need for rainboots :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, hey! Santa is listening! Do you think i don't read your blog! I'm hip!! And we are getting plenty of rain here! And to defend myself!!!!!!!!! Hudson has a pair of rainboots at this time!!! I agree with the Austin move Johnna. Then i could come, o0h say around Sept. 1 and we could do some Christmas shopping!
Love you two!

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