Tuesday, September 21, 2010

sickie, sickie, sick sick

today we decided a trip to the doctor was in order since hud threw up AGAIN last night.  say it with me, "bummer".

this has been the weirdest illness & i'm sure you want all the details, right??!  ha!  maaaaaybe he's finally okay as he hasn't had any symptoms all day today.  he seems to only get sick @ night, though so we shall see.
anyway, i don't have a ton to post as i've been a little preoccupied with the whole throwing up business, so i thought i'd share with you 2 thinks i recently found around the blog world that i've been inspired by... 

1.  LOOK @ these PANTS!  (from the made by rae site)
i'm dying over them! (saying that makes me think of the rachel zoe project even though i wish it didn't.  i wish i had never seen her show because she's so skinny it freaks me out, but the show kind of sucks you in - especially when you're feeding your baby & it's a choice of rachel zoe or pregnant & didn't know it - which, don't even get me started on that.) 

okay, so about those pants!  first off, i'm wondering how i could make some in my size - hello elastic waste & wide legs!!  how do you feel about mommy & me matching chambray pants?

also, saying "chambray" totally makes me think of middle school.  
2.  i also recently found THIS site.  you can take ecourses to learn all kinds of uber healthy cooking, like making your own soft cheeses (though really what i want to learn to make is mozzarella because really, what IS better than mozzarella?) & how to sprout your own seeds.  how weird do you think i am that i want to learn to sprout some seeds?  it's okay, i think i'm weird too.  i just think it's so interesting!

okay, just sharing a bit of my world this afternoon - barf, pants, sprouting.  yeah, that pretty much sums it up.

here's to a barf free evening!


Rae said...

ooh yes bummer about the sick. ack.

thanks for the shoutout! I know, I totally want a pair for ME!!!

Anonymous said...

any barfing last night? what did the dr say? we got phinagrin (sp?) for samuel because he couldn't keep anything down and let me tell you....THAT IS THE MIRACLE DRUG! i still have some leftover and you better believe i am saving it! i hope huddy is better for all of your sakes!
and yes i love the pants and the first thing i thought was i wash those were in my size! ha! anything elastic! love you! mere

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