Friday, September 17, 2010

fantasy shopping league

***see AWESOME DEAL @ end of post!!!***

i love etsy.
i love the serious cuteness.
i love the crazy creativity of people.  it's so inspiring.

so let's pretend we just got starbucks & now we're strolling the aisles of etsy (you know, like if it were a real place).  we're buying homemade & supporting small businesses.  yaay!  oh, & i got a caramel macciato.  what did you get?

me:  ooooo!  look @ this!! 
found HERE
maybe i should scrap the whole "matching hudson" idea for holland & dress her up like a pumpkin for halloween.
OR a strawberry...
HERE again
i could even make leg warmers to match!
oh my gosh that's a cute store.

you:  ooooo, a jewelry store - JUST ENOUGH STYLE!  look @ these...
shop HERE
me:  love!  do they have them in white?
you:  YES!  and i'm getting them!  (you have a have a fancy occasion to go to)
HERE again
(***see AWESOME DEAL @ end of post!!!***)
me:  okay, but i'm borrowing them!!  oh!  look how cool these are...

from HERE
you:  there's just something about plain canvas that's so appealing.
me:  i agree.  & simple stamping. 
you:  how funky is this...
also HERE
me:  oh cool!  love the funkiness.  that would look so great on my green couch. 
you:  unfortunately the cream color, delicate stitching, plus the "spot clean only" won't go well with leaky bottles or diapers.
me:  are you saying my kids have leaky diapers?  because you know, i DO buy pampers.
you:  no, i'm just being dramatic.
me:  oh, okay, you're allowed.  LOOK at this!

shop HERE
i really love red & white together.  talk about dramatic!  i'm totally inspired.
you:  i like this one...

also HERE
except, i don't like that it says "vintage".
me:  i agree.  BUT it's the exact same color as those tiffany's boxes & you have to feel good about that.
you:  excellent point.  all of this shopping is making me hungry.
(& we're off to eat chocolate cupcakes.  why?  because it's my fantasy shopping league & i like a good chocolate cupcake. )

thanks for going shopping with me.  you have good taste :)

***AWESOME DEAL - Jessica @ just enough style (read: maker of those awesome earrings!) is giving US a discount!!!  wooohoooo!  $1 off any purchase of $5 or more!!!!  WOW!  as if those weren't the most economically priced earrings i've ever seen, NOW they are $1 off!  just think:  stocking stuffer, stock your birthday gift stash,heck, make your motherinlaw happy & just send her something!!!  warning:  if you are on my christmas list, you are likely to receive a pair!  THANKS JESSICA!!!!!!!!!!!!  gotta go shopping now...
ps:  to purchase with your discount, go to her SHOP, click "contact" on left side & tell her what you want & that you're an "abouttheharps" reader & she'll get your purchase up asap!
pps:  if you'd like to know more about jessica & just enough style - click HERE for her blog.


Jessica said...

Thanks so much for featuring my shop! That was so sweet of you. I love the strawberry hat and the white pears too. Etsy is amazing!

kelly said...

i agree, jessica! & i'm so happy to feature your shop - your earrings are fantastic!

Mel Cable said...

ok, I love etsy too but I get totally overwhelmed and lost, how do you tackle it w/o spending hours and narrowing it down? I got a vanilla latte by the way :)

kelly said...

mmmm, vanilla latte! i haven't had one of those in a while - might need one soon...
yes, i agree about etsy being overwhelming sometimes. my best advice would be when you see something you really like, explore the shop & if you like them, "heart" them. that way you have a treasury of shops you know you like & can go to when you want something. for example, i saw jessica's shop featured on a blog & LOVED her earrings, so i "hearted" her shop & when i went to write this post, i looked @ my "hearted" shops & remembered her awesome earrings. maybe i should write a post about this...

Anonymous said...

Kel, don't you have the material that they used on the butterfly picture that you picked out? You could so make those! Clint could do the frames!
Love Mom

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