Wednesday, September 15, 2010

little drummer boy

this summer hudson started voicing opinions about what he likes (& doesn't like!) to wear. 
lately he's all about the "wife beater" tank top.  awesome.  his favorite outfit is that top with basketball shorts, which makes me think he also needs a gold tennis bracelet & chest hair.  so if you come over, it's likely he'll be in that get up (perhaps with cowboy boots!).
however i do have some standards left & i cannot handle the male tank top in public(i deserve some manner of dignity, don't i?).  born out of a need to NOT get into a brawl everytime we leave the house, we have the drummer shirt...

kinda vintage-y


navy (goodbye stains!)

this boy's happy, which means this mama's happy.

he LOVES this shirt.  no surprise coming from the child that spends hours weekly beating out rhythms, drawing drums in the carpet, listening to any & all music & yelling "do you hear the drums??!!!", & sounding out words like "dave matthews band".  seriously.  this little guy has a love for music.

glad i could accomodate :)

drum shirt (or onesie) in the SHOP - $22 "GET & GIVE" - get the shirt for yourself & you'll be donating a onesie to a child in need.  yip, yip!


Anonymous said...

I can tell our little one was in a serious mood that day! (Very thoughtful and subdued! Love it! So different than usual.....
Love mimi

Ruth Lee said...

I will have to get that shirt for my Hudson. We've got to get our boys together. Your Hudson and mine sound like two peas in a pod!

kelly said...

that would be so fun, ruth lee! let me know! & you can email me @ to order the shirt, or you can just order off the shop -
happy shopping :)

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