Monday, September 20, 2010

weekend update (i'm seth myers, i'm...)

huddo got sick this weekend :(
this fact became apparent when he threw up around midnight saturday night. bummer.
this means our sunday has been filled with lots of juice, crackers, & approximately 5.2 million episodes of sesame street.

dear elmo,
your voice drives me nuts, but i will not complain because boy have you been there for us in our hour of need.
kelly harp

somehow in all the craziness, i was able to do a little work in the shop. & by somehow, i mean about 90% of the credit goes to my partner in crime (& this adventure called parenthood), clint. he used his special daddy powers to entertain these two kids of ours for hours while i sewed away. THANK YOU.

so what did i sew? well, i'm getting ready for 2 trunk shows in october & one of the invitations goes out today. ideally that means i'd have loads of items in my SHOP for people to peruse, but shop items need good pictures & this weekend has been quite gloomy & not ideal for picture taking. bummer. so i don't have much to show you (or my shoppers, which by the way, if you're interested in attending a trunk show, email me @ darn.

but i do have this new ruffle bib onesie with matching pants.

i was inspired by all the cute ruffle bib shirts i've seen for women & wanted something similar for holls, with a bit of a classic look.

the black, little buttons, & tiny pink polkas say "classic" to me.

scrumptious. i have to say i LOVE it on holland, which is a good thing as i noticed the other day she has several dresses, but no comfy onesie sets for fall.

& here it is in l/s tee form...

(2T, 4T, 6T)
now i just need to make a bow/headband to match, huh? don't tempt me! you know i will :)
here's my happy little chubalub of a baby modeling for me...

happy monday, bloggies!


Christy said...

love, love, love the new design! it is TOO cute! i might have to get one of those shirts for little miss campbell! where are your trunk shows?
ps - sorry about hudson being sick, way to go clint in being such a sweet daddy!

Anonymous said...

loving the new ruffle shirts! sooo presh and H2 looked pretty darn presh in it! sorry H1 is sick....samuel had that for 6 days...yes SIX long days a couple weeks ago. hang in there! MISSSSSSS YYYOOOUUUU! we must talk soon! :) mere

kelly said...

christy - miss campby would look super cutie patootie in a ruffle onesie! i looooved her announcement pics, by the way - SO CUTE! the shows are both here in houston. we should do one in dallas sometime!
mere - thanks! i love that picture of her, too - so cubby & punky!! SIX DAYS? ahhh! just went to the dr. hoping things get better. hasn't thrown up or anything today, we shall see!! miss YOU, too!!!

nonna said...

ah! cutie! loves! you should have shipped huudo here so he and i could have been sick together- we could have made some compromises between sesame street and bbc documentary about the reintegration of religion in education ;)


kelly said...

oooo - real television! i don't know how he'd feel about that, but you could probably compromise on nigella lawson or jamie oliver. he likes cooking.
feeling better?

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