Tuesday, March 22, 2011

strawberry weather

2 summers ago, it was watermelons.  i couldn't get over them.  the red, the green, the way they scream "IT'S SUMMER!". 

this year it's strawberries.  LOVE.

i made a shirt for holland last week, which lead me to this pillow.
 i love how it turned out. 
so simple, so cheery.

i'm loving linen lately, too so i made the pillow out of soft, simple linen.
it's a simple, 12x12 envelope pillowcase, requiring any 12x12 pillow to fill it & voila! instant cheery red, loveliness.

found in my shop for $12.

ps:  while taking these pictures, hudson quickly pointed out that leaves are supposed to be green.  i hope you don't mind :)


Anonymous said...

Kelly, these are SO CUTE!! Are they painted? What a neat pillow to summerize for the season!

Amanda Greco Holmes said...

Hi Kelly! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your strawberry pillow is adorable (as are your babes). It's so funny to think of you being in strawberry season, which is still months off for us... I am envious of you southerners and your long growing seasons!

kelly said...

mom - thanks! yes, they're painted. kinda reminds you of stawberry shortcake days, huh?!

amanda - the crazy warm humidity is fabulous for gardening, but terrible for the hair :)

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