Thursday, March 24, 2011

toes & life

i got my toes done, & i feel happy.

last week i was a little stressed, can you tell??
funny how you don't realize you're wearing your exact feelings without even knowing it.
apparently i was, because this is exactly how i was feeling.
funky, frustrated, lost, tired, stressed
sometimes a girl just needs her toes done.
so jaclyn & i went, we saw pink, we conquered.
& i did a lot of thinking.  a lot of praying.  a lot of talking.  a lot of breathing.
it does a body good, you know?
i feel better. 

& i keep thinking about this quote...

there are two ways to look at life. one is as though nothing is a miracle; the other is as though everything is.  (albert einstein)


Christy said...

you know how much i love a good pedicure - your right it does a girls spirit some good :)
i am sorry that you have been having some hard days. let me know if you need anything!
glad you have some good pink toes now!

Anonymous said...

Kel, Alana wanted me to tell you the story of her last pedicure so you would REALLY feel good about yours! She was at the Mall in Lubbock and thought, "i can do this, Piper will sleep and Ty will play quietly in my lap" She got started, Ty wanted to play in the water (the lady was nice and let him) so she had Ty between her feet splashing and Piper crying and you know how she can scream! Now that girl has some lungs. I thought this was so funny. Poor thing, this July you two will have to go get pedicures and Cathie and i will watch the kids! Hope things are looking up! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, are those the new white jeans?

Must be summer time! yepee

nonns said...

why do our second to pinky toes curl like that? weird. genetics.
sorry you had a rough week. i had a seriously shitty day yesterday.
let's skype and talk about how important it is for us to be thankful we have the luxury of feeling sorry for ourselves! miss/love you!

Jaclyn said...

it was SO much fun and so very, very needed. I wonder if our husbands mind if we did this weekly? yes? no? i will work on this :)

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