Monday, June 20, 2011


***i interrupt my scheduled post entitled "what the heck we're doing", for a little father's day love post. tomorrow i'll post about what the heck we're doing (just as soon as i find out...).
it's true. i crashed their weekly pancake breakfast.
usually they make me stay in bed & sleep in (the horror!), but this weekend i woke up just in time to catch them in their weekly ritual.
(also it was father's day & i thought i should probably be up.)
in honor of our daddy, i documented his favorite weekly ritual.

& yes, he makes the pancakes from scratch.
i'd share the recipe with you, but then i'd have to kill you.
clint says if this whole furniture making thing doesn't work out, our future may be in his pancakes.
i laugh (i mean, his pancakes are really good), but really i'm thinking "please god, let this furniture thing work out!". haha. that's mostly a joke :)

upon first sight of his daddy after our trip to tyler, hudson spilled the beans about our father's day gift (racquet & jog tee's), hence no pics gifts. i would like to document that we made clint a PW lasagna (shocker!) & our annual father's day brownies. we also laid around in our pjs almost all day & ended the night with a second serving of the brownies.
we're really good @ celebrating.

to mr. harp: we LOVE you. couldn't do it without you (pancake breakfast, or life.)


Anonymous said...

He really is the best daddy I know! What a lucky family. Love to you Clint and hope Father's Day was the best one yet!

kelly said...

i agree, mom :)

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